Brown Rice, Flax & Quinoa Mix

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  • Brown Rice, Flax & Quinoa Mix - HungrySquirrel
  • Brown Rice, Flax & Quinoa Mix - HungrySquirrel

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This Pack Size is 250 gms

Health-conscious diners are more likely to gravitate to the whole-grain virtues of brown rice, or to the high-protein nutrition of pseudograins such as quinoa. We have mixed both these together with the addition of flax seeds in the mix. This combination makes it super healthy meal with minerals, vitamins, fibre, protein and a good portion of healthy fat. 

Either brown rice or quinoa will cook perfectly well in a rice cooker, with the rice taking approximately 45 minutes and quinoa taking 15 minutes. This difference in cooking times would seem to argue against cooking them together, but the combination is surprisingly effective. The quinoa cooks away to a soft and creamy texture, giving the otherwise dry and chewy brown rice a pleasantly creamy coating that adds moisture and a nutty flavor to the rice. The sauce-like effect can be enhanced by sauteing the quinoa briefly with onions and herbs before adding it to your rice cooker.


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